Paediatric end-of-life care at home


Paediatric end-of-life care at home


Larsen SHK; Bording I; Bjergegaard M; Buchreitz J; Mouritzen BT; Brix L; Jespersen BA; Neergaard MA


International Journal of Palliative Nursing




Humans; Child; Home Care Services; Terminal Care; Palliative Care/px [Psychology]; Parents/px [Psychology]; Terminal Care/px [Psychology]; Hospice Care; Terminal Care; Death


BACKGROUND: A terminally ill child should have the possibility to be at home with their family during the end of life. Provision of care from primary care nurses (PCNs) is crucial, but no model exists on how specialised paediatric palliative care teams (SPPCTs) support the PCNs to perform this task., AIM: To investigate how PCNs evaluated a shared care model between a SPPCT and PCNs in paediatric end-of-life care., METHOD: A 23-item questionnaire was distributed to PCNs involved in care of 14 terminally ill children in November 2019 and January 2020. Descriptive statistics were used., FINDINGS: A total of 20 questionnaires were returned from nurses who agreed/completely agreed that an introductory meeting made them better prepared (78.9%) to deal with the death of a child in their care, cooperating with family members (70.6%) and dealing with own emotions (73.7%). A total of 69.2% felt the meeting helped coping with parents' pressure and 88.9% stated that the trajectory changed how they saw themselves involved in future paediatric palliative care., CONCLUSION: The shared care model was evaluated positively. Clear agreements and specialist support were prerequisites for good trajectories at the end of life. Further research is needed to investigate if the shared care model optimises palliative care and security in relation to child and family.


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Larsen SHK; Bording I; Bjergegaard M; Buchreitz J; Mouritzen BT; Brix L; Jespersen BA; Neergaard MA, “Paediatric end-of-life care at home,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed May 24, 2024,