Changing times-PICU and palliative care


Changing times-PICU and palliative care


Subramanian G;Kauffmann L


Pediatric Critical Care Medicine




Palliative therapy;Adult;amber;awareness;conference abstract;controlled study;Education;Female;Human;Male;Multidisciplinary team;oncology;patient information;prospective study;staff;work


Aims & Objectives: To identify patients admitted to PICU who might benefit from palliative care using the Spectrum of Children's Palliative Care Needs. Methods Prospective study between July 2016-December2017. Cases admitted to the PICU were assessed on the spectrum for palliative care needs every Wednesday using the surprise question: Would you be surprised if the child was still alive in the next few days to weeks (RED), would you be surprised if the child died in the next months or years (AMBER), would you be surprised if the child died of their condition in childhood (YELLOW), would you be surprised if the child died early of this condition but lived until adulthood (GREEN). Acute admissions (<10days admission with no previous history), Oncology patients, and those greater than 16 years were excluded. Up to date patient information was discussed in a multi-disciplinary team setting. Results Data from 53 MDTs over 78 weeks was analysed in study period with at least 2 meetings every month. 58% of the patients admitted to PICU would have benefitted from palliative care with 39% of these being in the amber group. Conclusions There is a large population of patients admitted to PICU who would benefit from palliative care. Staff awareness, education and support to care for this complex group of patients through changes in recruitment strategies and job descriptions, staff psychological support, in house palliative care consultant availability and development of family liaison roles is essential.


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