Advance Care Planning: Outpatient Antenatal Palliative Care Consultation


Advance Care Planning: Outpatient Antenatal Palliative Care Consultation


Carter BS


Archives Of Disease In Childhood. Fetal And Neonatal Edition




Outpatients; Referral And Consultation; Adult; Advance Care Planning/organization & Administration; Female; Humans; Infant Newborn; Palliative Care/organization & Administration; Pregnancy; Prenatal Care/organization & Administration


Kukora and colleagues report on their single centre study of antenatal palliative care consultation (APCC) and reveal that this practice—though applied in a limited number of cases—contributed to a greater use of postnatal palliative/comfort care regimens. Additionally, while not altering the ultimate outcome for referred fetuses/ neonates, those who received APCC often died after a shorter in-hospital course. What are we to think of such a practice? How can APCC improve patient, family and staff experiences when a grievous outcome is anticipated?


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Carter BS, “Advance Care Planning: Outpatient Antenatal Palliative Care Consultation,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed November 28, 2023,