End-of-Life Care for Hispanic Children: A Study of California Medicaid Beneficiaries


End-of-Life Care for Hispanic Children: A Study of California Medicaid Beneficiaries


Lindley LC; Trujillo LV


Hispanic Health Care International




Emergency Service; Hispanic Americans; Hospice Care/ut [Utilization]; Hospices/ut [Utilization]; Hospitalization; Palliative Care/ut [Utilization]; Terminal Care/mt [Methods]; Adolescent; California; Cardiovascular Diseases/mo [Mortality]; Child; Congenital Abnormalities/mo [Mortality]; Delivery of Health Care; Female; Health Services Accessibility; Hospital/ut [Utilization]; Humans; Infant; Male; Medicaid; Neoplasms/mo [Mortality]; Policy; Preschool; United States; Young Adult


INTRODUCTION: More than 8,000 Hispanic children die annually in the United States; yet little is known about the end-of-life care utilized. The purpose of this study was to examine the children and family characteristics associated with end-of-life care for Hispanic children. METHOD: A sample of 370 Hispanic children was created, using the 2009-2010 California Medicaid data. The relationship between child and family characteristics and end-of-life care utilization (i.e., hospice enrollment, emergency room utilization, hospital admissions) was analyzed using multivariate regression. RESULTS: Pediatric hospice accessibility (p < .05), palliative care policy (p < .01), congenital anomalies (p < .01), and cardiovascular conditions (p < .01) were related to hospice enrollment. Usual source of care (p < .001), functional status (p < .001), palliative care policy (p < .01), and private insurance (p < .01) were associated with emergency room utilization, while usual source of care (p < .001), cancer (p < .001), and disability status (p < .01) corresponded with hospital admissions. CONCLUSION: Nursing practices aimed at engaging Hispanic families in their community are critical to end-of-life care utilization for Hispanic children.


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