Understanding adolescents: a guide for researchers


Understanding adolescents: a guide for researchers


Turner-Henson A


Journal of Neuroscience Nursing




U.S. Gov't; Attitudes; PedPal Lit; Extramural Research Support; N.I.H.; however; cognitive; & Hall; 2001).; 2001). Consent processes are standardized; Adolescent Adolescent Behavior/physiology/psychologyAdolescent Development/physiologyAdolescent Psychology Adult Child Child Advocacy Cognition/physiology Decision Making Health Knowledge; adolescents often are conceptualized as children. Adolescents represent a vulnerable study population. To effectively and ethically involve adolescents in research; and federal regulations have been established to protect both adults and children. As a research population; and psychosocial developmental factors; and they must bear in mind that the voluntary and informed consent principles may be easily and inadvertently violated (Nelson & Rushton; as well as an understanding of the research processes needed to protect adolescents. Adolescents need to be active participants in the decision-making process (e.g.; assent/consent; etc.). Researchers must be aware of and accountable for the power they hold in influencing adolescents' decisions to participate in research; knowledge of the risks and benefits; P.H.S. Vulnerable Populations/psychology%X The research establishment often has a "one size fits all" mentality with regard to the research process (Broome; PracticeHuman Experimentation Humans Informed Consent/psychology Mental Competency/psychology Minors/education/psychology Nurse's Role Parental Consent Power (Psychology) Research Subjects/psychology Research Support; researchers must understand and integrate knowledge of the variability in physical; Richards




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