Transition program from pediatric to adult care for cystic fibrosis patients


Transition program from pediatric to adult care for cystic fibrosis patients


Nasr SZ; Campbell C; Howatt W


The Journal Of Adolescent Health : Official Publication Of The Society For Adolescent Medicine Jid - 9102136




Female; Humans; Male; Adult; Program Evaluation; adolescent; Adolescent Transitions; Adolescent Health Services; Internal Medicine; Pediatrics; Adolescent Medicine; AID - 1054-139X(92)90063-H [pii]; CRDT- 1992/12/01 00:00; Cystic Fibrosis/therapy; EDAT- 1992/12/01; MHDA- 1992/12/01 00:01; PST - ppublish


A survey of adolescents and young adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) attending an adult CF center was conducted to evaluate a transition program as a means of transferring care from pediatric to adult setting. A total of 40 patients completed a self-administered questionnaire of whom 13 (32.5%) went through the transition program, and 21 (52.5%) received their care at the University of Michigan Cystic Fibrosis Center. Fourteen patients (35.0%) were cared for at other pediatric CF centers, and five (12.5%) were first diagnosed as adults. All those in the transition program approved of having the visit with the internal medicine physician in the pediatric clinic. Most thought that the transition program made the change from pediatric to adult care easier. All patients were comfortable leaving the pediatric clinic after the transition period. Of the 40 patients, 17 (42%) recommended that other patients go through the transition program, although 9 of these 17 patients did not themselves go through the transition program. Twenty-six patients (65%) preferred the adult program. These findings suggest that adolescents with CF should be encouraged to transfer their medical care to an adult CF Center once they have reached an agreed-upon age. This process should be smooth and should occur as part of the regular CF care. This is possible through a well-structured and well-organized transition program with committed pediatric and adult staff.


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Nasr SZ; Campbell C; Howatt W, “Transition program from pediatric to adult care for cystic fibrosis patients,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed October 1, 2023,