Neuropalliative Care for Neonates


Neuropalliative Care for Neonates


Rent SM; Bidegain M; Bost MH; Hornik C; Lemmon ME


Journal of Child Neurology




infant; neonate; neuropalliative care; pediatric; preterm; quality of life


Many childhood neurologic conditions are first diagnosed in the perinatal period and shorten or seriously alter the lives of affected infants. Neonatal neuropalliative care incorporates core practices and teachings of both neurology and palliative care and is directed toward patients and families affected by serious neurologic conditions in the antenatal and immediate newborn period. This review outlines key considerations for neurologists hoping to provide a neuropalliative care approach antenatally, in the neonatal intensive care unit, and around hospital discharge. We explore 4 core domains of neuropalliative care: (1) family-centered communication, (2) prognostication, (3) decision making, and (4) pain and symptom management. We address special considerations in care at the end of life and in varied cultural and practice contexts.


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Rent SM; Bidegain M; Bost MH; Hornik C; Lemmon ME, “Neuropalliative Care for Neonates,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed October 2, 2023,