Conceptually Redefining Neonatal Palliative Care


Conceptually Redefining Neonatal Palliative Care


Kain V J; Chin S D


Advances in Neonatal Care




comfort care; neonatal end-of-life care; neonatal palliative care; perinatal palliative care


BACKGROUND: First defined in 2002 by Catlin and Carter, neonatal palliative care (NPC) is a relatively new model of care in neonatal pediatrics, first appearing in the medical literature in the early 1980s. PURPOSE: The purpose of this article is to suggest a conceptual definition of NPC that encompasses all the essential concepts as a way of moving NPC forward by having a consistent approach. METHOD(S): Following a review of the NPC literature, a thematic analysis as a method for identifying, analyzing, and interpreting patterns of meaning in the definitions ("themes") within the literature was undertaken. FINDINGS: The major themes identified included philosophies of care, support, culture and spirituality, the team, and clinical management. IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH: At the heart of NPC is the primacy of maintaining quality of life, while providing ethical and humane care that supports a "good death." The extensive elements presented in this article are considered essential to a comprehensive and conceptual definition of NPC proposed here.


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