Differences in perspective on prognosis and treatment of children with trisomy 18


Differences in perspective on prognosis and treatment of children with trisomy 18


Hurley EH; Krishnan S; Parton Lance A; Dozor AJ


American Journal Of Medical Genetics.Part A




Differences in perspective between physicians caring for children with trisomy 18 may be confusing and stressful for parents. The hypothesis of this study was that neonatologists and pediatric pulmonologists differ in their opinions regarding long-term prognosis and recommended interventions. Neonatologists and pediatric pulmonologists in New York State were surveyed. Respondents were asked to report their personal experience caring for affected children, opinions on prognosis, major influences on their opinions, and their likelihood of recommending specific medical or surgical interventions for two clinical vignettes. A total of 393 surveys were mailed, 327 to neonatologists and 66 to pediatric pulmonologists. Sixty-six (20%) neonatologists and 21 (32%) pediatric pulmonologists completed the survey. Neonatologists had cared for more patients with trisomy 18. Twenty-nine percent of pediatric pulmonologists had never cared for a patient with trisomy 18 compared to 2% of neonatologists, P < 0.001. Pediatric pulmonologists were more likely to recommend almost all interventions including antibiotics for pneumonia, mechanical ventilation, cardiac and orthopedic surgery, and "full code resuscitation." Neonatologists were more likely to recommend comfort care only or palliative care. Fifty-four percent of neonatologists and 5% of pediatric pulmonologists thought patients with trisomy 18 without significant congenital heart disease would die before age one despite aggressive medical care, P < 0.001. The major influences impacting these recommendations also varied. Pediatric pulmonologists are more optimistic about the prognosis for children than neonatologists and more likely to recommend medical and surgical interventions. Experience with the condition and perception of survivability may contribute to these differences in approach. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


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