Fatal fetal anomaly: Experiences of women and their partners


Fatal fetal anomaly: Experiences of women and their partners


Jackson P; Power-Walsh S; Dennehy R; O'Donoghue K



Prenatal Diagnosis




Humans; Female; Male; Palliative Care; Quality of Health Care; Qualitative Research; Adaptation, Psychological; Pregnancy; Parents; Grief


OBJECTIVE: This study explored the care experiences of parents whose pregnancy was diagnosed with a fatal fetal anomaly following the legalisation of termination of pregnancy in 2019 in Ireland., METHODS: A qualitative study using in-depth semi-structured interviews and interpretative phenomenological analysis was undertaken. Purpose ful sampling was used to recruit 10 parents, six women and four of their male partners. Parents recruited included those who terminated and continued the pregnancy., RESULTS: Three superordinate themes were identified: 'Attachment and coping', 'There's no place for you in the pregnancy world' and 'Consistency of quality care'. Parents shared the different approaches and level of attachment to their baby that supported their coping. Regardless of the level of attachment, many parents benefited from the acts of remembrance. Parents expressed how they no longer felt they belonged in the 'pregnancy world' and described a need for healthcare professionals to recognise their loss and create a safe and supportive environment in which they could share their grief. Despite this, parents' accounts highlighted variations and inconsistencies in care and service provision., CONCLUSION: Our study highlighted parents' need for consistent, well communicated, and comprehensive care, which encourages an individualised perinatal palliative care approach to meet parental needs.


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