Synthesis of health promotion concepts in children's palliative care


Synthesis of health promotion concepts in children's palliative care


Bennett V; Hain R; Pritchard AW; Noyes J


International Journal of Palliative Nursing




Best fit framework; Child; Children's palliative care; Health Policy; Health Promotion; Ireland; Nursing; Palliative Care; Quality of Life


BACKGROUND: Palliative care improves the health of children with a life-limiting condition and appears to draw implicitly on concepts shared with a model of health promotion. However, to date there has been no scrutiny about how this relationship may shape understanding about children's palliative care. AIM: To explore the influence of health promoting concepts on children's palliative care models, policies and guidelines. DATA SOURCES: Health and social care databases were searched for policies, models and guidelines published between 2000-2018. Additional searches of professional national and international healthcare websites, children's palliative care charities and UK and Ireland government websites were conducted. METHODS: A best fit framework synthesis was used. FINDINGS: A total of 55 policies and guidelines were reviewed for the framework synthesis. Eight themes were generated: (1) health promoting children's palliative care policy and guidelines; (2) planning ahead; (3) creating a supportive environment; (4) enabling coping and independence; (5) reorienting children's palliative care sectors; (6) the lengthening trajectory of need for support; (7) strengthening community engagement in children's palliative care; and (8) quality of life and value-based ideologies. CONCLUSION: The best fit framework synthesis confirmed a conceptual relationship between children's palliative care and health promotion. This is captured in a new model that will extend professionals' understanding.


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Bennett V; Hain R; Pritchard AW; Noyes J, “Synthesis of health promotion concepts in children's palliative care,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed June 17, 2024,