Research Cooperative Groups in Pediatric Palliative Care Research


Research Cooperative Groups in Pediatric Palliative Care Research


Akard TF; Gilmer MJ


Palliative Medicine Reports




hospice and palliative care nursing; interdisciplinary research; palliative care; palliative medicine; pediatric; research


Research cooperative groups aim to facilitate collaborative and rigorous palliative care research. The purpose of this article is to (1) demonstrate how cooperative groups are taking formal and sustainable steps with commitment to pediatric palliative care research programs and (2) provide an example of how one cooperative group is implementing these innovative efforts to partner with programs to integrate pediatrics on an expanding scale. Details are described for how pediatric studies can benefit from cooperative group infrastructure and expertise. In turn, we describe how cooperative groups can benefit from collaborating on pediatric studies through broadening of data dictionaries, data repositories, and reach in palliative care research communities.


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Akard TF; Gilmer MJ, “Research Cooperative Groups in Pediatric Palliative Care Research,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed December 1, 2023,