A Concept Analysis of Neonatal Palliative Care in Nursing: Introducing a Dimensional Analysis


A Concept Analysis of Neonatal Palliative Care in Nursing: Introducing a Dimensional Analysis


Banazadeh M; Rafii F


Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing




concept analysis; dimensional; Neonates; nursing; palliative care


Despite the increasing need for neonatal palliative care, it is not adequately implemented in practice. This analysis aimed to clarify the dimension of the neonatal palliative care concept to increase understanding of the concept to give more insight into clinical practice. Using dimensional analysis methodology, 46 English language papers from 2001-2018 were analyzed. The coding of the literature for the perspective, context, conditions, process, and consequences of the concept was completed. Five dimensions informed the conceptualization of this concept and interrelationships among their themes/sub-themes were presented in the matrix named, "improving quality of life and death". Within the family-centered care perspective and under different conditions/contexts through the processes of neonate's comfort and providing holistic care, the consequences of this care were improving quality of life/a good death. Family-centered care was the fundamental dimension and essential to achieving the consequences. The other dimensions of context, conditions, and processes were also affected by the family's needs, preferences, culture, and expectations. This analysis reinforces that neonatal palliative care is a multidimensional concept. To provide the standard of neonatal palliative care an integrated plan to get together many stakeholders including community, parents, clinical staff, policymakers, insurance authorities, health care systems, and education system is required. All NICUs should have neonatal palliative care-trained nurses and protocols with a family-centered care approach to focus on the quality of life of neonates with life-threatening conditions from diagnosis of disease to death. Regular training and educational courses on neonatal palliative care and family-centered care principles can make nurses more sensitive to their advocacy role.


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