Possibilities and challenges of perinatal hospice-palliative care. [Hungarian]


Possibilities and challenges of perinatal hospice-palliative care. [Hungarian]


Eva Z; Katalin H


Orvosi Hetilap




hospice palliative care; neonatology; perinatal loss; perinatal period


Perinatal hospice care is a special form of paediatric palliative care, with a focus on prenatally diagnosed malformation, providing physical, psychological and mental support with a holistic approach for the families. Our aim was to analyse how perinatal hospice-palliative care can be implemented and what opportunities it may provide on the basis of available professional guidelines. We introduce study and analysis of the professional guidelines and protocols, mainly from Anglo-Saxon countries, and describe some examples of best practices. Perinatal hospice is a specially demanding care regarding professional and personal challenges. Standardised guidelines based on consensus can serve as starting points, describing proper care and its conditions. Moreover, they can facilitate communication and coordinative processes between the collaborating specialists. Challenging conditions and possible solutions to them can be identified during supportive formative courses. Continuous formation means competency development in palliative care as well as in adequate communication. Copyright © 2020 Akademiai Kiado Rt.. All rights reserved.


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Eva Z; Katalin H, “Possibilities and challenges of perinatal hospice-palliative care. [Hungarian],” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed August 16, 2022, https://pedpalascnetlibrary.omeka.net/items/show/17134.

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