Rural Perinatal Loss: A Needs Assessment


Rural Perinatal Loss: A Needs Assessment


Domogalla J S; McCord J; Morse R


Omega (Westport)




bereavement care; early child loss; perinatal loss; rural


The purpose of this research was to ascertain the availability and depth of services of bereavement care for mothers who live rurally. The specific focus is on those who experienced early losses including pregnancy, stillbirth, neonatal, and young children who were born with fetal anomalies or neonatal disease that resulted in death. The convenience (nonprobability) sample originated from a population of mothers who lived in rural east central Minnesota. Participants were interviewed in a 60-minute interval. All data were coded confidential. Common themes, incidence of resources, or lack of bereavement resources for the participants' lived experiences were considered using a descriptive phenomenological approach. Our appreciation of the continuing bond between mother and child compels us to believe that there is an ethical obligation to reduce and remove these barriers and inequalities in bereavement support services for those who live rurally and have experienced perinatal and infant loss. Results of this study indicate the need for further study and establishment of bereavement resources in rural outreach for perinatal and early childhood loss.


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Domogalla J S; McCord J; Morse R, “Rural Perinatal Loss: A Needs Assessment,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed February 24, 2024,