Feed-induced Dystonias in Children with Severe Central Nervous System Disorders


Feed-induced Dystonias in Children with Severe Central Nervous System Disorders


Mordekar S R; Velayudhan M; Campbell D I


Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition




infant; adolescent; cerebral palsy; percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; retrospective study; priority journal; practice guideline; case study; school child; preschool child; intestine obstruction; human; article; child; female; male; clinical article; Rett syndrome; gastroesophageal reflux; infantile spasm; intestinal dysmotility; baclofen/dt [Drug Therapy]; dystonia/dt [Drug Therapy]; motor dysfunction; onset age; central nervous system disease; dystonia/dt [Drug Therapy]; feed induced dystonia; 1134-47-0 (baclofen); acquired brain injury; baclofen/tl [Intrathecal Drug Administration]; feed induced dystonia/dt [Drug Therapy]; gastroscopy; hydrocephalus; hyperglycinemia; intestine motility; microcephaly; peristalsis; reflux esophagitis; Sanfilippo syndrome; total parenteral nutrition; constipation; feeding difficulties; tone and motor problems; MPSIII; West syndrome; pharmacologic intervention; parenteral nutrition; dystonia; GERD; intestinal dysmotility


Dystonias can arise from any painful stimuli in neurologically disabled children. Classically, feed-induced dystonias from mediastinal pain due to severe gastroesophageal reflux disease are described as Sandifer spasm. We report a case series of 12 severely neurologically impaired children with enteral feed-induced dystonias. Intestinal dysmotility was demonstrated in several. Improvements are seen with jejunal feeds or gut rest with total parenteral nutrition. Use of parenteral nutrition in children with severe neurodisability requires thorough discussion with patient groups and commissioners to give clinicians guidelines to standardize care.


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