Mapping the Literature: Palliative Care Within Adult and Child Neurology


Mapping the Literature: Palliative Care Within Adult and Child Neurology


Dallara A; Meret A; Saroyan JM


Journal Of Child Neurology




neurologic; end-of-life care


Objectives of this review were to examine definitions and background of palliative care, as well as address whether there is an increased need for palliative care education among neurologists. The review also explores what literature exists regarding palliative care within general neurology and child neurology. A literature review was conducted examining use of palliative care within child neurology. More than 100 articles and textbooks were retrieved and reviewed. Expert guidelines stress the importance of expertise in palliative care among neurologists. Subspecialties written about in child neurology include that of peripheral nervous system disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic disorders. Adult and child neurology patients have a great need for improved palliative care services, as they frequently develop cumulative physical and cognitive disabilities over time and cope with decreasing quality of life before reaching the terminal stage of their illness.


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Dallara A; Meret A; Saroyan JM, “Mapping the Literature: Palliative Care Within Adult and Child Neurology,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed November 28, 2023,