Growing up and moving on: transition from pediatric to adult care


Growing up and moving on: transition from pediatric to adult care


McDonagh JE


Pediatric Transplantation




Humans; Adult; Communication; Counseling; adolescent; Models; Adolescent Transitions; Continuity of Patient Care/organization & administration; Adolescent Health Services/organization & administration; Organizational; parenting; Organ Transplantation


The development of transitional care is one of the major challenges for the twenty-first century as the survival rates and medical outcomes for child and adolescent recipients of transplants continue to improve. Such developments must include both paediatric and adult providers and is likely to require training of professionals in both arenas. Transition is a multidimensional process with transfer to adult care, only one event within that process. The aim of this paper is to present the philosophy of transition and an evidence-based approach to transitional care in terms of the need for it, proposed models of care and the evidence of the benefits of transitional care programmes. Examples of some key clinical aspects of transitional care including communication skills, parenting, self advocacy, vocation will be presented. Adherence issues will be presented in accompanying papers in this journal. Finally, potential barriers to successful transition will be explored.


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McDonagh JE, “Growing up and moving on: transition from pediatric to adult care,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed December 8, 2023,