Using computer-assisted learning to gain knowledge about child death and bereavement


Using computer-assisted learning to gain knowledge about child death and bereavement


Pfund R


International Journal Of Palliative Nursing




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Computer-assisted learning (CAL) can be a useful tool in helping nurses to learn about child death and bereavement. A CAL package on the care of children with life-limited illnesses and their families has been designed, developed and evaluated with students on the diploma in nursing (child) programme. Early indications are that CAL, in conjunction with teacher support, can offer a means to allow individuals to work at their own pace, apply learning and explore new learning in a non-threatening environment. This article argues that the skills required to care holistically for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are complex. Extensive applications of previously learnt transferable skills, as well as a good grasp of multidisciplinary working, are needed. In turn, these skills are transferable and applicable in almost any other professional situation. CAL combines different learning styles, such as factual information giving, enquiry-based and practice-based learning; therefore, integrating learning about child death and bereavement both in theory and in practice.


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