Pain in children with cerebral palsy: a review.


Pain in children with cerebral palsy: a review.


Kieckhefer GM; Engel Joyce M; Jensen MP; Labyak S


The Journal Of Neuroscience Nursing : Journal Of The American Association Of Neuroscience Nurses




Child; Humans; Pain Measurement; Nurse's Role; Severity of Illness Index; Needs Assessment; Risk Factors; Activities of Daily Living; Nursing Assessment; Child welfare; Cerebral Palsy/co [Complications]; Pain/di [Diagnosis]; Pain/et [Etiology]; Pain Management; Motor Skills; Pain


Children with cerebral palsy (CP) face many challenges including impaired motor control and coordination, functional impairment, sensory disturbances, and, sometimes, communication difficulties and cognitive deficits. Pain also may be a problem for children with CP due in part to the inherent deficits associated with the disease, as well as the invasive medical and surgical procedures and rehabilitative activities children with CP undergo on a regular basis. A review of current literature indicates pain is a common experience for children with CP and has been understudied in this population. Further emphasis and research on appropriate assessment and management strategies sensitive to the unique characteristics and limitations of children with CP are warranted.


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