Spirituality of parents of children in palliative care


Spirituality of parents of children in palliative care


Knapp C; Madden V; Wang H; Curtis C; Sloyer P; Shenkman E


Journal Of Palliative Medicine




Abstract Aims: To determine the spirituality of parents whose children have life-limiting illnesses and to determine the factors associated with parents' spirituality. Methods: Telephone survey of 129 parents whose children were enrolled in a pediatric palliative care program in Florida. The Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Spiritual Well-being (FACIT-Sp) scale was used to measure parents' spirituality. The Health Utilities Index (HUI) was used to measure health status. Results: Parents' average score on the FACIT-Sp meaning/peace subscale was 24.1 out of 32, and 12.5 out of 16 for the faith subscale. Parents' average total FACIT-Sp score was 36.6 of 48. Multivariate analyses show that parental black non-Hispanic race, "other" race, being married, as well as children's higher vision and hearing health status were associated with higher spirituality, as measured by the total FACIT-Sp. Two parent household and children's higher speech health status were associated with lower FACIT-Sp scores. Conclusions: Our results suggest that non-white parents have greater faith-based and overall spirituality than white parents. Spiritual assessments should be conducted for all parents as differing supportive services may be needed. The palliative care team should ensure that parents' spirituality is being incorporated, as appropriate, into their children's routine care.


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Knapp C; Madden V; Wang H; Curtis C; Sloyer P; Shenkman E, “Spirituality of parents of children in palliative care,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed September 27, 2022, https://pedpalascnetlibrary.omeka.net/items/show/11565.

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