Pediatric Palliative Care Initiative in Cambodia


Pediatric Palliative Care Initiative in Cambodia


Celiker MY; Pagnarith Y; Akao K; Sophearin D; Sorn S


Frontiers In Public Health




Cambodia; Children; Hospice; Hvo; Lic; Palliative Care


Cancer care with curative intent remains difficult to manage in many resource-limited settings such as Cambodia. Cambodia has a small workforce with limited financial and health-care resources resulting in delayed diagnoses and availability of limited therapeutic tools. Thus, palliative care becomes the primary form of care in most cases. Although palliative care is becoming an integral part of medical care in developed countries, this concept remains poorly understood and utilized in developing countries. Angkor Hospital for Children serves a relatively large pediatric population in northern Cambodia. According to the modern definition of palliative care, approximately two-thirds of the patients admitted to the hospital were deemed candidates to receive palliative care. In an effort to develop a pediatric palliative care team utilizing existing resources and intensive training, our focus group recruited already existing teams with different health-care expertise and other motivated members of the hospital. During this process, we have also formed a palliative care training team of local experts to maintain ongoing palliative care education. Feedback from patients and health-care providers confirmed the effectiveness of these efforts. In conclusion, palliative and sustainable care was offered effectively in a resource-limited setting with adequately trained and motivated local providers. In this article, the steps and systems used to overcome challenges in Cambodia are summarized in the hope that our experience urges governmental and non-governmental agencies to support similar initiatives.


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Celiker MY; Pagnarith Y; Akao K; Sophearin D; Sorn S, “Pediatric Palliative Care Initiative in Cambodia,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed August 8, 2022,

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