Physician stress in the context of medical aid in dying


Physician stress in the context of medical aid in dying


Siden S


University of British Columbia Medical Journal




We have now completed a vigorous public and private debate regarding the right-to-die in Canada as Parliament has passed legislation (Bill C-14) following the Supreme Court decision in the Carter case.1 Quebec has already passed and implemented a legal process for right-to-die.2 There are numerous terms describing practices whereby a physician participates in a patient’s death via an action that intentionally hastens, enables, or causes that death. Whereas some stakeholders distinguish between various physician actions—for example, physician–assisted suicide versus euthanasia—the proposed Canadian legislation does not make this distinction and provides for both activities. Therefore the term chosen for C-14 is medical aid in dying (MAID)…


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Siden S, “Physician stress in the context of medical aid in dying,” Pediatric Palliative Care Library, accessed October 3, 2022,

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