Late Effects of Treatment and Palliative Care


Late Effects of Treatment and Palliative Care


Chang E; Goldsby R; Mueller S; Banerjee A




Pediatric Oncology




Central Nervous System Tumor; Palliative Therapy; 59-05-2 (methotrexate); 69-74-9 (cytarabine); 147-94-4 (cytarabine); 154-93-8 (carmustine); 7413-34-5 (methotrexate); 15475-56-6 (methotrexate); 15663-27-1 (cisplatin); 26035-31-4 (cisplatin); 96081-74-2 (cisplatin); Advance Care Planning; Appetite Disorder; Bone Density; Brain Tumor; Carmustine; Childhood Cancer Survivor; Cisplatin; Constipation; Corticosteroid; Cytarabine; Diarrhea; Dyspnea; Endocrine Disease; Fatigue; Genetic Polymorphism; Health Care Quality; Human; Incidence; Medical Decision Making; Medulloblastoma; Methotrexate; Morbidity; Mortality Rate; Nausea And Vomiting; Neuroectoderm Tumor; Neuropathic Pain; Neuropsychological Test; Pain Assessment; Patient Care; Phase 1 Clinical Trial (topic); Priority Journal; Psychosocial Disorder; Quality Of Life; Questionnaire; Radiation Injury; Respiration Depression; Seizure; Signal Transduction; Spasticity


Identifying late effects of treatment and integrating palliative care when appropriate are increasingly recognized as important elements of childhood tumor management. Patients with CNS tumors are at a high risk for mortality, and survivors have high morbidity rates related to the late effects of treatment. While intensified therapy has improved average 5-year survival in patients with pediatric brain tumors to 73 % (Ostrom et al. 2014) from less than 60 % in 1975-1979 (Linabery and Ross 2008), it has also increased the long-term consequences. Survivors may develop a spectrum of late effects ranging from subtle memory loss and cosmetic anomalies to severe neurological disabilities and recurrent neoplasms. While seemingly quite different, both palliative and late-effects care focus on improving quality of life for patients and need to be integrated into the overall care plan.


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