Rituals At End-of-life.


Rituals At End-of-life.


Pace JC; Mobley TS


DOI: 10.1016/j.cnur.2016.05.004


Nursing Clinics Of North America




Nursing; Death; Pregnancy Loss; Child; Family Presence; Care And Treatment; Resuscitation; Perspectives
Ceremonies; Child Death; Deathbed; End Of Life; Perinatal Loss; Rites; Rituals; Sacraments


Understanding the significance of rituals at the end-of-life enables health care professionals to offer meaningful and compassionate interventions that enhance quality of life and support those dying and those who grieve. Rituals contribute to the strength, capacity, and health of providers who cope with death events. Rituals help the living create continuing bonds with those dying, help with coping skills, and allow healthy growth through opportunities for naming, honoring, and memorializing. The display of respect and a nonjudgmental attitude create a space for support, trust, sharing of emotion, empowerment, and quality of care during end-of-life events.


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