Integrating Pediatric Palliative Care Into The School And Community.


Integrating Pediatric Palliative Care Into The School And Community.


Davis KG


Pediatr Clin North Am.


Pediatric Clinics Of North America




Chronic Illness; Hospice; Life-limiting; Life-threatening; Pediatric Palliative Care; Quality Of Life; School; Transition


Children and adolescents with complex chronic conditions often receive pediatric palliative care (PPC) from health care professionals. However, children's needs exist both in a health care context and in the community where children interact with peers, including school, places of worship, sports, activities, and organizations. Partnerships between PPC professionals in health care settings and teachers, coaches, spiritual leaders, activity directors, and others, may lead to greater health and well-being. Children near the end of life or those with out-of-hospital do-not-resuscitate orders may also find palliation in their community. Cooperation between all caregivers benefit the child and family.


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