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Background Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in the US, leading to increased government oversight in opioid prescribing. The issue becomes more complicated when minor children are involved. One pediatric palliative care team found that of 62…

Understand the role of pediatric palliative care in
end-of-life discussions.
Identify further opportunities for do-not-resuscitate
(DNR) research and analysis of advanced
care planning in pediatrics.
Original Research Background.…

Propose pediatric program design or expansion
based on newly acquired skills of defining a
desirable and functional scope that aligns with
health system’s missions and values and identifies
areas of potential growth and…

To quantify the use of adult-trained medical subspecialists by children and to determine the association between geographic access to pediatric subspecialty care and the use of adult-trained subspecialists. Children with limited access to…
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