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There is an urgent need for robust empirical data to guide the assessment and treatment of patients near the end of life. Because they are important providers of end-of-life care in this country, hospices have an important role to play in…

The goal of this study was to explore nurse experiences in communication with children about spiritual topics in order to develop training in this area.
Although spiritual care is essential in pediatric palliative care, few providers…

In 2010, California launched Partners for Children (PFC), a pediatric palliative care pilot program offering hospice-like services for children eligible for full-scope Medicaid delivered concurrently with curative care, regardless of the…

Reflect on current neonatal intensive care practice
for the seriously ill and or dying neonate.
Explore the role of the primary palliative care
Discuss palliative educational goals for intensive

Although we know that families of seriously ill children experience spiritual distress, especially at the end of the child's life, there is little information on the specific spiritual needs of families. In order to develop further training for…
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